Najaf COVID-19 centers can no longer receive patients, local official says


Shafaq News / The Director General of the Najaf Health Affairs, Dr. Radwan al-Kindi, confirmed on Wednesday that the governorate's hospitals can no longer accommodate COVID-19 patients.

Al-Kindi said, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, "the number of cases is huge. A significant percentage is at high risk. The emergency hospital and the Martyr Hassan Al-Hatmi Specialized Hospital for Infectious Diseases can no longer accommodate patients."

He added, "The cases of home isolation, which are many, confirm that the virus is dangerous and spreading quickly," urging the citizens to commit to preventive measures such as donning masks, maintaining physical distance, and avoiding crowded places."

Al-Kindi said that all three vaccines are available for free in 30 health outlets throughout the governorate, "vaccination reduces the severity of the infection and prevents death."

The Najaf Health Department had suspended official working hours due to high weather temperature, warning of an unprecedented outbreak of the Coronavirus in the governorate.

Iraq logged on Wednesday 8,777 new COVID-19, 5522 recoveries, and 37 deaths, the share of Najaf Governorate was 442 cases and two deaths.

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