Multiple electoral districts is an introduction to the division of Iraq, MP says


Shafaq News / MP of Saladin Governorate, Jasim al-Jabara, deemed that the proposal of multiple electoral districts is a preparation for the division of Iraq, warning of what he described as the "assassination" of voters' rights.

Al-Jabara told Shafaq News Agency, "dividing the governorates into multiple electoral districts is a prelude to the division of Iraq nationally and sectarianly and a new door to conflicts and social divisions", calling for, "considering each governorate a single electoral district".

He stressed, "the necessity of adopting the biometric system in the upcoming elections to undercut fraud, manipulation and assassination of the rights and desires of the voter by parties seeking to remain in office, regardless of the results, far from any national or popular interests".

"The multiple electoral districts will deprive many Iraqis from choosing and electing personalities capable of representing them and protecting their entitlements in the coming stages, away from the criteria of sectarianism and regionalism that have been paid for by the oppressed and repulsive classes in Iraqi society", al-Jabara added.

The Iraqi parliament failed during a session last Saturday, September 28, to pass the electoral districts paragraph in the new election law due to disagreements over it between the political blocs, and decided to postpone voting on electoral districts until the tenth of next month.

The disagreement prevails over whether a single governorate must be considered a single or multiple electoral districts.

The passage of the new law constitutes the main dilemma facing early elections, which are scheduled to take place on the sixth of next June.

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