Millions are being paid in exchange for votes, MP says


Shafaq News/ Candidates running for the parliamentary elections have spent millions of dollars on gifts and weapons to buy off dignitaries in exchange for votes, Secretary-General of the Iraqi Islamic Party Rachid al-Anzawi revealed on Saturday, calling the Government and the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) to hold them accountable.

"Extravagant sums are being lavished on electoral campaigning. Some candidates spent millions of dollars on funding their campaigns and buying off voters."

"Some candidates gifted cars and light weapons to tribal sheikhs and dignitaries to buy the votes of their people, each in its constituent."

"The Government and IHEC must hold those candidates and parties liable and investigate the source of this funding, instead of chasing young people who sabotaged posters of some candidates."

Media outlets and social media users shared reports about the lavish election campaigns of some candidates who spent millions of dollars on buying off voters.

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