Masoud Barzani on the controversial Iranian documentary: Kurdish heroes liberated Kurdistan


Shafaq News/ The Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said that ISIS terrorist organization is an enemy of all humanity. No one party can defeat it by himself, stressing that no person or party can deny that the people of Kurdistan destroyed the legend of this terrorist organization.

Iran had recently produced a film about the role of the Iranian Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani, in the war against ISIS. The film has drawn the criticism of the Kurdish public opinion.

 Barzani said in a statement received by Shafaq News agency, "It is a fact that ISIS is an enemy of all humanity and the war against ISIS is not an easy war because it is a broad and multi-sided front," stressing, "there is no single party that can defeat it by itself, and uprooting it requires coordination and joint action by all parties and the international community."

 He explained, "At the time of ISIS war, we thanked the coalition and the Americans who helped Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, and we thanked those parties that participated in some way in the war against ISIS and helped the Peshmerga forces."

 Barzani added, "Nevertheless, everyone must know that the one defended Kurdistan from the threat of ISIS with blood and sacrifices was the Peshmerga forces," explaining, "no person or party can deny that the legend of ISIS was destroyed by the sons of the heroic people of Kurdistan."

The Kurdistan Regional Government handed the Iranian Consulate in Erbil a protest note against an Iranian documentary, which the KRG said "it distorts the facts".

The Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani, confirmed that Iran offered a helping hand to Kurdistan region during the confrontation with ISIS but denied the Iranian exaggeration in this regard.

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