MP: the government must establish security plans to protect civilians from assassinations 


Shafaq News/ A representative of Diyala warned today of the increasing cases of "unexplained absurd assassinations" affecting citizens in several areas in the governorate.

"The areas in al-Muqdadiyah and some administrative units in Diyala are witnessing a continuous increase in incidents of absurd and unknown assassinations, the results of which have not been revealed so far, and no measures have been taken to protect security from the chaos", MP Nahida Al-Daini told Shafaq News agency.

She added, "the assassinations of civilians have raised concern and terror among the citizens, and many doubts about the security plan to protect civilians from death every now and then for terrorist reasons or unjustified clan revenge."

 Al-Daini called for resolving, "pending clan conflicts according to the law and clan customs, to prevent parties and gangs from destabilizing security and terrorize citizens.

The representative criticized the ambiguity of the investigation procedures regarding the assassinations in al-Muqdadiyah and its outskirts, calling on the government to, "intervene and save citizens from the danger of unknown assassinations and develop professional and effective plans.

 It is worth noting that several areas in Diyala are witnessing an escalation of organized assassinations by terrorists or due to clan and personal revenge.

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