MP sheds light on the reasons for delaying the approval of the budget

MP sheds light on the reasons for delaying the approval of the budget

Shafaq News/ MP of Sairoon, Riad al-Masoudi, attributed delaying the voting session on the Federal Budget bill to the interference of the political forces in the drafting of the articles of the law among other causes.

Al-Masoudi said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency that a long track of obstacles, most prominently the devaluation of the dinar, development projects in the governorates, and the file of Kurdistan Region's oil.

The lawmaker said that there is no specific time for the session's convention today.

The Parliamentary Finance Committee convened today to discuss the Federal Budget bill's provisions, and the Parliament has not scheduled a voting session so far.

A meeting that includes the heads of the parliamentary blocs and the Parliamentary Finance Committee began moments ago to organize the final formula of the 2021 Federal Budget. 

A Parliamentary source revealed to Shafaq News Agency earlier today, Saturday, "the Parliament has not decided when to schedule the session today due to the lack of consensus over the budget bill."

"routinely, the session is held between 02:00 pm and 05:00 pm, according to the Parliament's rule of procedures," the source continued. 

The source added that the Parliamentary Finance Committee would hold a decisive meeting to discuss the articles of the budget bill. Henceforth, the Parliament will convene."

The persistent differences between the lawmakers in the Iraq Parliament prompted the Presidium to postpone the voting session on the budget bill of 2021 till today, Saturday.

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