MP calls on the Coordination Framework to seize the opportunity and form a government


Shafaq News/ A member of Al-Fatah's parliamentary bloc urged the Shiite Coordination Framework to seize the opportunity and proceed with forming a new government after the resignation of the Sadrist movement's lawmakers.

In a statement to Shafaq News Agency, MP Mohammad Karim al-Beldawi said, "since the Sadrist MPs have made it irreversible after their resignation, the Coordination Framework became the largest bloc in the parliament. Therefore, it can take the initiative and form the government."

"The political forces shall reach a common ground that finalizes the election procedures, names the largest bloc, elect a president of the republic, and choose a new prime minister," he added, "the Sadrist movement has left it hanging for them to take it."

Earlier today, a source revealed that the Coordination Framework is scheduled to hold a key meeting with the Iraqi parliament speaker, Mohammad al-Halboosi, to settle the names of the candidates who will replace the resigned MPs.

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