Local official in al-Anbar acquit ISIS from power transmission towers attacks


Shafaq News/ A prominent local official in al-Anbar Provincial Court acquitted ISIS of the attacks on power transmission towers, accusing the Iraqi army forces of not performing their duty to protect the towers.

In an interview with Shafaq News Agency, the deputy commissioner of Al-Qaim district, Ahmed Al-Mahlawi, completely excluded ISIS terrorists from detonating power transmission towers "There are armed groups that carry out operations targeting the towers to destroy the electricity infrastructure, for personal goals and interests, and punish residents of Al-Qaim and Al-Rummanah districts.

Al-Mahlawi pointed out that a week ago, an agreement was reached stipulating that the Al-Jazeera Operations Command and the Seventh Division would protect the towers, adding, "We are surprised by the destruction of three towers, which are very close to equipment storage in Haditha. This means that the towers are unprotected."

"I have accurate information confirming that the army units represented by the Al-Jazeera operations command and the Seventh Division are responsible for protecting the strategic road linking T1 and Haditha, which is 3-4 km away from the towers."

Al-Mahlawi held the Ministry of Electricity fully responsible for targeting the towers, calling at the same time for "actual protection of the towers."

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