Legal expert illustrates the process of electing a president


Shafaq News/ The Parliament shall elect a president from the roster of figures who filed their presidential bids during the first window if it fails to muster enough backing for reopening candidature, law expert Ali al-Tamimi said on Friday.

The Iraqi parliament is scheduled to convene tomorrow, Saturday, to vote on reopening candidature for the republic's presidency post.

"Pursuant to the Federal Supreme Court's ruling, an absolute majority, one-half plus one of the total number of MPs, is required to meet the quorum of the session. However, when the parliament presidium calls for a vote, only a simple majority, one-half plus one of the MPs attending the session, is required in accordance with Article 59 of the constitution."

"If the vote takes place, the proceedings stipulated by Articles 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the law on the candidature for the republic's presidency no. 8 of 2012. The candidature window shall be opened within three days from the approval and the parliament announces the list of candidates. The candidates who believe they were mistakenly delisted can file an appeal before the Federal Supreme Court within three days, which in turn have to adjudicate on the appeals within three days."

"Afterwards, the parliament presidium schedules a session to elect a president within 30 days. The proceedings shall take place in accordance with Article 70 of the Constitution. i.e., an absolute majority is required to inaugurate the session and call for the vote."

"Per the court's ruling, the parliament can open candidature for a 'brief period of time'. 'Brief' means short," he elaborated, "if the parliament fails to meet the quorum or does not approve, a president shall be elected from the list approved initially."

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