Kuwait sees progress on maritime border with Iraq


Shafaq News / Kuwait and Iraq will hold a round of legal and technical talks on Sunday as they look to bring an end to a maritime border dispute, which if resolved would spur economic development between the states, Kuwait's foreign minister said on Saturday.

The land border between the two was demarcated by the United Nations in 1993 after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, but it did not cover the length of their maritime boundaries, and this was left for the two oil producers to resolve.

Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah said the two sides would hold talks on Sunday and he was hopeful of progress.

"It's very high priority for my government and we are working with Iraq to finalise the demarcation of that maritime border," Al-Sabah said in an interview at the Munich Security Conference. He said their legal and technical teams were meeting on Sunday in search of a deal. "We are moving ahead."


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