Kurdistan and Iraq's government are on the same wavelength regarding the Turkish offensive in Duhok, MP says

Kurdistan and Iraq's government are on the same wavelength regarding the Turkish offensive in Duhok, MP says

Shafaq News/ MP of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) revealed a "complete cooperation" between the governments of the Kurdistan Region (KRG) and Iraq regarding the position from the Turkish offensive on the Region's territory.

MP Shirwan al-Dubardani said on the sidelines of the second conference of the Civil Society Organizations in Erbil, "the continuous bombardment and violations of the Kurdistan Workers Party [PKK] on the Peshmerga forces are among terrorist organizations which we categorically condemn."

"It affects Iraq and Kurdistan's stability, especially with the elections around the corner."

Al-Dubardani hinted at "a complete cooperation between the Iraqi government and the Government of the Region to halt the military operations of the Turkish forces and the terrorist operations of the Kurdistan Workers Party."

KDP's MP ascribed the disputes between the Turkish government and the PKK as a "Turkish internal problem" calling for distancing Iraq from their conflict.

Earlier today, the Ministry of the Peshmerga said in an official statement, "at 7:30 this morning, in the Sharanish area in the Darkar sub-district of Zakho district, once again, and in continuation of the painful incidents that took place on the past few days, a member of the Peshmerga forces, Rudwan Muhammed Ali, was Martyred."

"This incident is the second of its kind during the past three days. We, in the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs, condemn those attacks and strongly reject them, as they are ultimately in the interest of the enemies of our people."

The statement called on all allies and the Iraqi government to play their role in stopping these violations and protecting the border areas in the region in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces.

The statement added that the Peshmerga forces will be at the level of the great responsibility entrusted to them in protecting the cities, villages, and land of the Kurdistan Region and preserving the entitlements of the Kurdistan Region.

The Ministry of Peshmerga stressed that protecting the sovereignty of the region's territory is on the priorities of its work, and it will not allow any force or party to jeopardize the borders of Kurdistan.

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