Kata'ib Hezbollah says it might take "field decisions"  to protect social peace 


Shafaq News/ Kata'ib Hezbollah-Iraq on Tuesday dismissed the discourse of adding fuel to conflicts and popular muscle flexing in reference to the Sadrist movement's sit-in in Baghdad's Green Zone, warning of "field decisions" to "protect social peace".

An official statement of the Iran-backed paramilitary group urged the "wisepeople" of Iraq to "pursue wisdom, respect the Judicial institution, refer to the constitution the people voted for, and give priority to reconciliation and peaceful solutions, instead of making threats."

"Deviating from the principles of peace,  using a speech that fuels the crises, flexing populist muscles, scaring the civilians, assaulting public and private properties... might lead to an internal conflict that draws the country back to the era of injustice, tyranny, dictatorship, and mass graves."

Kata'ib Hezbollah-Iraq reiterated its rejection to participate in any government, but said it "will defend the system, sanctities, and Iraqi blood."

The statement said that the group might "take field decisions to protect the social peace" to "prevent the situation from slipping into what the enemies of Iraq want and in line of our religious beliefs."

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