Kata'ib Hezbollah responds to SMC's official story on Balad base drone attack


Shafaq News/ The leading figure in the Kata'ib Hezbollah movement, Abu Ali al-Askari, refuted the official statement of the Iraqi Security Media Cell (SMC) on Saturday morning's attack on the Balad military bases in Saladin.

Abu Ali al-Askari tweeted, "the version of the story told by the Security Media Cell is ridiculous and has many fallacies."

"The drones used in Iraq are only two types: the first is an offensive (suicidal) drone," he explained, "It moves directly toward the target, and it does not have the capability to alter its trajectory or go back to the launching base (single use)."

"The second type is the reconnaissance craft. It cannot operate in foggy weather and it does not need to be close to the target. In fact, it cannot be seen by unarmed eye most of the time."

"[for] reconnaissance, no more than a single drone is needed to do the job. Nevertheless, it is a piloted craft, it has no choice for it to run as the SMC said; similar to your commander and the kids behind him."

Earlier today, a drone squadron attacked the Balad base in Saladin.

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