Kata'ib Hezbollah calls the security forces to cooperate with the armed factions to kick out the "U.S. Enemy"


Shafaq News/ The Commander of Kata'ib Hezbollah, Abu Ali Al-Askari, called on Monday the Armed factions to escalate and intensify their attacks against the U.S. bases and headquarters, urging the security forces to take place in those attacks.

Al-Askari tweeted, "the crime and tyranny in the approach and behavior of the U.S. enemy cannot be deterred with rejection and condemnation. It shall be practical, accurate, and continuous."

"The brave resistant Mujahideen Brothers shall work to break this tyrant and bust his nose into dust by increasing the frequency and amplitude of the attacks continuously and focusing on the hidden joints inside the bases and headquarters of the enemy."

Al-Askari called the security forces to "work with their brothers in the resistance to vie the honor liberating the country from the disgrace of occupation."

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