Karam: KDP is adamant about Zebari's candidacy


Shafaq News / Arafat Karam, responsible for Iraq's file at the Barzani headquarters, confirmed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party is adamant about Hoshyar Zebari's candidacy.

Karam said in a tweet, "The Federal Court does not mean excluding Zebari. He is our candidate, and we will prove his innocence from what he has been accused of."

He added, "Braham Salih is trying to hinder holding the Parliamentary session because he is sure of his loss."

Earlier today, Zebari commented today on the Federal Supreme Court's decision to suspend his candidacy for the position of President of the country.

Zebari said in a Facebook post, "we respect the Federal Court's decision to temporarily suspend our candidacy until finalizing the complaint that was submitted by some of those who are still holding on the pre-reform era."

"We are sure that the Court will confirm that we have fulfilled the required conditions, which has already been confirmed by state institutions", he added, "Those rumors are nothing but whining from those who cling to power."

Earlier today, the Supreme Federal Court suspended the candidacy of Hoshyar Zebari, for Presidency.

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