KRG responds to Federal Government's statements on financial obligations

KRG responds to Federal Government's statements on financial obligations

Shafaq News/ The official spokesperson for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Peshwa Taher Horami, has responded to statements made by the official spokesperson for the Iraqi government regarding financial obligations and dues to the Kurdistan Region.

In his statement, Horami provided detailed information about the financial allocations and disbursements to the Kurdistan Region based on the federal budget tables.

According to the budget, the Kurdistan Region's share should amount to 16 trillion and 498 billion dinars, equivalent to 1 trillion and 375 billion dinars per month. However, Horami noted that the Iraqi Ministry of Finance had sent only 2 trillion and 598 billion dinars of this amount since January 2023, with 400 billion dinars dating back to late 2022. This discrepancy raises concerns about the timely distribution of funds.

Horami also pointed out that while the federal government has distributed salaries to employees in other regions of Iraq on time, the Kurdistan Region has faced delays, and employee salaries have been distributed in the form of loans.

Regarding the oil file, Horami stated that oil exports from the Kurdistan Region had stopped since March of the current year. However, since June 25, 2023, the Federal Ministry of Oil has received 85,000 barrels daily for internal use.

The Kurdistan Region expressed readiness to deliver any requested quantity of oil, but the federal government has not taken responsibility for extracting, producing, and transporting this oil.

Horami also addressed non-oil revenues, emphasizing Kurdistan's "transparency and willingness" to hand over these revenues under the constitution and applicable laws. However, disputes have arisen regarding the interpretation of non-oil revenues, with the Iraqi Ministry of Finance deducting more than what the region believes is due, contrary to constitutional provisions.

The financial dispute between the KRG and the federal government has been ongoing for years, resulting in protests and strikes in the Kurdistan Region. While some progress has been made, Kurdistan faces financial challenges, and a permanent agreement on financial obligations remains a complex issue.

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