KDP starts consultations to form new alliances in the Iraqi Parliament


Shafaq News/ The Supreme Elections Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party announced on Tuesday that the Party starts talks with the winning Iraqi political forces to form political alliances to name the three presidencies and form the new federal government.

The KDP leader, Hoshyar Zebari, said in a joint press conference in Erbil that the Party has started consultations with most of the Iraqi political forces that won the elections. "Very soon, we will form our delegation to go to Baghdad to discuss the nomination of the three presidencies and the formation of the new federal government."

 On the other hand, KDP said it will discuss the issue with the other Kurdish parties because "we want to work as one team."

Zebari added, "Our relationship with all Shiite and Sunni parties is open, and we were in contact with the Sadrist movement yesterday."

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