KDP spokesperson: partnership and consensus formula must be revised


Shafaq News/ Spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party(KDP), Mahmoud Muhammad, called for revising the "balance, partnership, and consensus" formula in Iraq.

Muhammad's statements came after a high-profile meeting for the KDP's command council under the auspices of its President, Masoud Barzani, and his deputy, President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani.

The Spokesperson for the KDP said, "the breached formula of balance, partnership, and consensus must be revised and reformulated to enable all the components of participating in governance."

"Our aim from participating in this elections is to maintain the party's size and position, and boost the seats," he added.

"Our candidates in disputed territories are being harassed. Their ads and posters are being torn down by irresponsible persons. This issue shall be addressed."

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