KDP's position is contingent upon al-Sadr and Coordination Framework's talks, spokesperson says


Shafaq News/ The position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) from the next government's line up is contingent upon the outcomes of the talks between the Shiite poles, the Sadrist movement and the Coordination Framework, KDP spokesperson Mahmoud Mohammad said on Tuesday.

Mahmoud's statements came during a joint press conference held earlier today after a meeting with the Sadrist movement's delegation.

"So far, we are not aligned with any party, Neither the Sadrist movement nor the Coordination Framework," he said, "we shall be partners and a major player in the Iraqi government."

"The Sadrist movement upholds forming a national majority government, while the Coordination Framework calls for a political majority. We are awaiting the outcomes of their talks."

"We have a common vision and project with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). However, the ties shall be upgraded to draft a new work paper to discuss with the Shiite and Sunni forces."

The heads of the two leading Kurdish parties in the Region, KDP and PUK, are expected to hold a meeting soon.

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