KDP's media does not target the Iraqi Arab public, Kurdish official says


Shafaq News/ On Monday, a Kurdish political official denounced the political offensive against the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

The KDP member, the former Iraqi Minister of Construction and Housing, Bankin Rekani, told Shafaq News Agency, "there are some Political parties that were in the era of the previous regime begging for help and international support to overthrow Saddam (Hussein), now, after taking power in the country, they talk about what they called the treason of the Kurdistan Democratic Party after they failed to spread rumors to their masses."

"Treason is an easy weapon; it reflects the reality of the catastrophic failure to launch national slogans to the masses, who have become aware of all the political process." He added.

The Kurdish official attributed "the main reason for the political attacks on the Democratic Party to "the lack of presence in Baghdad, the failure to establish deep societal relations, and the lack of media targeting the Iraqi Arab public."

Rekani stressed, "KDP has taken all democratic and constitutional means to form a government, and has a successful political career, and finally reach the formation of a majority government."

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