JOC renews rejection of "outlaw armed groups" in Sinjar


Shafaq News / The Joint Operations Command (JOC) renewed its rejection of any outlaw armed groups to be present in Sinjar.

The spokesman of the Command, Maj. Gen Tahseen al-Khafaji, told Shafaq News agency, "we will not allow any outlaw force to be present in Sinjar."

Al-Khafaji noted that some parties tried to hinder the implementation of Sinjar district.

He added that the Iraqi army is the only eligible party to administrate Sinjar, pointing out that the west Nineveh Operations Command is responsible for this file. 

Earlier today, the deputy head of the Joint operations command, Abdulamir al-Shamri, announced that the Iraqi forces took full control of Sinjar district.

Al-Shamri told Shafaq News agency on the sidelines of his visit to the district that the Nineveh operations command handled the situation very professionally yesterday.

He added that all roads have been opened in Sinjar, and the forces took full control of the northern part of the district where the clashes took place. 

The Iraqi army's operations aim to achieve security in the district, and pave the way for the reconstruction of the district, al-Shamri pointed out.

On October 9, Baghdad and Erbil reached an agreement to normalize the situation in Sinjar, according to which the district will be jointly administrated. 

ISIS invaded Sinjar district in 2014 and committed a massacre against its residents, before the Peshmerga forces regained it the following year.

However, the Iraqi army backed by Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi forces invaded the region due to the tension between Erbil and Baghdad against the independence referendum held in 2017.

There are currently two local governments for Sinjar, one of which was appointed by the federal government authorities, and the second is the elected government, which is running its business from Duhok governorate.

The PKK reject repeated calls from the Kurdistan Region to leave its territory, which gets subjected to Turkish attacks that impede the return of tens of thousands of displaced Yazidis to their homes.

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