Iraqi voters turn out in large numbers in different governorates

Iraqi voters turn out in large numbers in different governorates

Shafaq News/ Hundreds of Peshmerga forces voted today in special legislative elections in Kirkuk, Erbil, and Baghdad.

Our Correspondent said, "more than 2000 members of Peshmerga voted in Serkan center."

"Polling centers in Kirkuk, Diyala, and Saladin have also witnessed a good turnout amid strict measures in all cities," according to our correspondents.

Turnout was high in Dhi Qar where Sumer Operations Leadership had allocated special forces to transport polling boxes to High Electoral Commission stores.

Spokesperson of Operations, Gen. Maytham Al-Jabouri, told Shafaq News Agency, " there was no trouble in the special polling process."

In turn, the Director of Al-Tawasol Wa Al-Ekha Human Organization (TEO) in Dhi Qar, Ali Al-Nashi, explained, "about 8000 local observers are participating in observing the elections, as well as there, are nine international observers."

In the same context, hundreds of Peshmerga are voting today in special elections in Kirkuk and Khanaqin.

The Electoral Commission Office of Al-Anbar considered these elections "the most organized compared to the previous electoral cycles."

On Friday, the special voting process began in Iraq, in which 1,196,453 voters, including members of the army and security forces, the displaced, and prison inmates, will cast their votes two days before the start of the general voting process.

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