Iraqi security forces encircle al-Baghdadi to pursue the perpetrators of Ain al-Assad attack


Shafaq News/ Iraqi security forces encircled the sub-district of al-Baghdadi to pursue the group that carried out the attack on Ain al-Assad airbase in the west of Iraq earlier today, Wednesday.

A security revealed that seven rockets landed on the airbase hosting U.S. and other international troops in al-Anbar. The rockets were launched from al-Baghdadi sub-district in western al-Anbar.

"Iraqi security forces fully encircled al-Baghdadi sub-district to arrest the perpetrators," the source added, "a mosque was partially destroyed, and a house and a shop were burnt as a result for the U.S. responce to the source of fire."

Another source told Shafaq News agency that four houses and the vehicle carrying the rocket launcher were burnt in the U.S. responce to the attack.

On July 5, the air base was bombarded by three rockets but no party claimed responsibility of the attack. The United States accuses Iran-backed armed groups of launching regular rocket attacks against its troops and interests in Iraq.

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