Iraqi president urges Tehran to take Iraq's share in common waters into consideration

Iraqi president urges Tehran to take Iraq's share in common waters into consideration

Shafaq News/Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid on Saturday urged Iran to take into account Iraq's water entitlement, given that the majority of tributaries feeding the Shatt al-Arab and Tigris rivers emanate from Iranian territory.

President Rashid's remarks came during a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, in the Iranian capital, Tehran, earlier today.

Rashid said that his one-day visit to Tehran seeks to reinforce the longstanding and resilient relations between the two nations, stressing that these ties go beyond the formalities of government institutions and encompass shared history, geography, ethnic diversity, trade, and social ties.

Rashid underscored the steadfast bond between Iraq and Iran, asserting that "what is between us and Iran is stable and unchangeable, based on the conviction of our peoples and their pursuit of cooperation in various fields."

He expressed gratitude for Iran's unwavering support during Iraq's battle against dictatorship, as well as its assistance to the Kurds after the chemical attacks in Halabja and its crucial aid in the fight against ISIS.

The Iraqi president attached importance to enhancing bilateral relations through continuous coordination and collaboration across all sectors. This includes addressing current issues such as Iraq's water share.

"We must take into account Iraq's share of water, especially since most of the tributaries flowing into the Shatt al-Arab and Tigris rivers come from Iran," he said.

Rashid lauded the improvement in relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, expressing hope that "this development would contribute to enhancing security and stability in the region, benefiting the peoples of both countries and the entire region."

During the conference, Rashid mentioned that he and Raisi had discussed detailed solutions for numerous pressing issues and assured that efforts were being made to achieve positive results.

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