Iraqi minister of agriculture looks to import Iranian chicken amid Turkish poultry disease outbreak

Iraqi minister of agriculture looks to import Iranian chicken amid Turkish poultry disease outbreak

Shafaq News/ Iraqi Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Jabr, expressed Iraq's intention to explore the possibility of importing Iranian chicken in response to the recent outbreak of diseases affecting Turkish poultry.

In discussions with Khorasan-Rasavi Governor Yaqoub Ali Nazri, Jabr conveyed Iraq's challenges in poultry supplies and the need for collaborative efforts to enhance agricultural conditions and counteract livestock diseases.

Jabr stated during the meeting, "Iraq is currently dealing with poultry supply challenges. We believe that closer cooperation on livestock and agricultural matters will result in better conditions and stronger efforts to combat livestock diseases," according to Iran's state news agency, IRNA.

Regarding trade dynamics, Jabr emphasized the potential for increased trade volumes between the two nations through joint initiatives. He stressed the necessity of halting the import of Turkish chicken as a preventative measure against spreading diseases.

Governor Yaqoub Ali Nazri highlighted Khorasan-Razavi's pivotal role as a hub for poultry breeding and production within Iran. He emphasized the province's strategic geographical position at the crossroads of major east-west and north-south communication routes. This positioning near Afghanistan and Turkmenistan establishes Khorasan-Razavi as a gateway to other Asian regions, including Central Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Nazri expressed optimism about expanding the exchange of goods and products through collaborative agreements. He said he is ready to foster cooperation between Khorasan-Razavi Province and Iraqi provinces to boost trade and foster mutual economic growth.

Minister Jabr and his accompanying delegation arrived in Mashhad on Friday for a two-day visit. The itinerary includes discussions with the head of the Iranian Agricultural Jihad Organization, specialized meetings to share agricultural insights and visits to the province's agricultural and animal husbandry facilities.

The visit aligns with the Iraqi delegation's objective of assessing significant industrial and agricultural capacities. The agenda entails inspections of the polyethylene pipe production plant, the agricultural tools factory, and the dairy processing line in Mashhad's industrial city.

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