Iraqi intelligence locates an ISIS den near the international highway


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Military Intelligence announced on Tuesday locating a house that was hiding missiles and rocket launchers near the international highway southeast of Al-Rutba in Al-Anbar Governorate.

A statement of the service, received by Shafaq News Agency, said that its detachments "in the 1st Division and a force from the Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Regiment and a force from the Ranger Regiment raided one of the abandoned houses belonging to an ISIS family in Wadi Al-Khuzaymi south of the international highway southeast of Al-Rutba, west of Al-Anbar Governorate", indicating that the house, "was used as a den, a resting station and a springboard for carrying out terrorist attacks".

"The forces seized five Katyusha rockets and three rocket launchers inside the house, while the division's explosive detachments removed the materials and dealt with them according to the controls in effect".

The intelligence indicated in its statement that the operation came, " to preempt any terrorist operation targeting our security forces and citizens, and it was carried out according to accurate intelligence information in coordination with Al-Anbar Operations Command".

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