Iraqi forces thwart an ISIS terrorist attack in Diyala


Shafaq News / The Iraqi forces thwarted on Monday an ISIS terrorist attack group in Diyala.

A security source told Shafaq News Agency, "The attack targeted a tribal mobilization point on the outskirts of a village in the countryside of Jalawla", noting that no casualties were registered among the Iraqi forces.

Earlier today, Leader in the Tribal Mobilization in Diyala, Muhammad Ibrahim Dhaifan, revealed on Monday the completion of an integrated plan to fortify and protect Diyala's borders against ISIS attacks, calling on Saladin operations command to implement a similar plan.

It is noteworthy that the areas of north Jalawla have been subjected to many terrorist attacks for more than two years, after the infiltration of ISIS terrorists fleeing from the liberated areas to the orchards and agricultural fields.

Jalawla district is located 70 km north-east of Baqubah and is inhabited by Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen. The district fell to ISIS in August 2014 before it was liberated in November of the same year.

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