Iraqi forces arrest three ISIS members in Nineveh


Shafaq News / Three "terrorists" were arrested in separate areas of Nineveh Governorate, The Military Intelligence Directorate said on Thursday.

The Directorate of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense stated that joint operations in separate areas resulted in the arrest of three terrorists wanted by Article 4 /terrorism in Tal Afar and Rabia districts, west of Nineveh."

The Directorate added that the joint forces seized equipment, weapons, and communication devices in the Abra area in Tal Afar.

"The terrorists were handed over to the competent authorities."

Iraq declared victory over the hardline terrorist group in 2017. However, it continues to carry out sporadic attacks and operate limited cells, particularly in the north.

The Iraqi forces, the Peshmerga, and the Popular Mobilization Forces launched various operations against ISIS in different locations, which led to the killing and the arrest of many members.

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