Iraqi authorities decide to summon an MP and the ex-head of the Nineveh Investment Authority


Shafaq News / The Federal Integrity Commission announced issuing a summoning order against a member of the Council of Representatives for the previous electoral rounds, and the ex-head of the Nineveh Investment Authority.

The Investigation Department of the Commission said that a judge of the Nineveh Investigation Court, concerned with integrity cases, issued a summoning order against an MP after accusing him of receiving the salaries of protection unit employees, even though they did not work during ISIS's occupation of Mosul.

"Nineveh Investigation Court's judge, specialized in integrity issues, decided in another case to issue an arrest warrant and investigate the accused, the former director-general of the Nineveh Investment Authority, following the provisions of Article (341) of the Penal Code, against the background of leasing a plot of land belonging to the Mosul municipality directorate located in the left coast of the city and built on it a commercial complex", the statement pointed out.

The land's price was rented at a low price and for a long time by the accused; Being one of the members of the committee that assessed the property's value.

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