Iraqi PM's urgent directives and measures following tragic fire incident in Nineveh

Iraqi PM's urgent directives and measures following tragic fire incident in Nineveh

Shafaq News / The Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia Al Sudani, on Wednesday, directed all ministries, governorates, and state institutions to take a series of urgent measures following the unfortunate incident of the fire that occurred in one of the wedding halls in al-Hamdaniya district (Baghdeda) within Nineveh governorate.

According to a statement, Al Sudani's directives included the immediate presence of the Ministers of Interior and Health on-site to provide immediate relief to the injured, supervise rescue operations, and offer assistance.

The Prime Minister also ordered the relevant health authorities to treat the wounded and injured and provide the highest level of care based on the requirements of their conditions, whether inside or outside of Iraq.

Additionally, he instructed the formation of an investigative committee to immediately initiate an inquiry and uncover the circumstances of the incident, determine the causes, and identify any negligence.

Furthermore, he directed the relevant authorities to compile an accurate list of the victims and their families to ensure their legal and moral rights and provide them with financial compensation. He also declared a three-day period of national mourning in all state institutions to express condolences for the victims and sympathize with their families and loved ones.

Al Sudani emphasized the necessity for all ministries to continue conducting inspections of buildings and verifying safety procedures.

He held responsible the relevant authorities for any deficiencies. He also stressed the importance of the Civil Defense Directorate, in all its branches across the governorates, to reaffirm previous measures for field inspections and structural safety. This includes increased efforts for periodic inspections of large buildings, malls, restaurants, event halls, and hotels, ensuring the availability of safety measures, identifying potential risks, addressing them, and diagnosing non-compliant structures.

Furthermore, the Nineveh Governorate Operations Command has officially confirmed a toll of over 200 individuals, dead and injured, in the devastating wedding hall fire incident.

Dozens of wounded victims have been swiftly transported to hospitals in the Kurdistan Region.

Maj. Gen. Abdullah Ramadan Al-Jubouri, the Operations Commander, conveyed to the press today that the incident has claimed the lives of 87 individuals. At the same time, another 136 have injuries.

Remarkably, 15 injured have been transferred to Erbil Governorate, with an additional 20 transported to Duhok for critical medical care. He explained that 101 wounded individuals are receiving medical attention at hospitals within Mosul.

The Iraqi government has swiftly mobilized to provide comprehensive support and assistance to the affected region of Al-Hamdaniya.

Speaking from the scene of the tragic incident, Advisor to the Minister of Interior, Maj. Gen. Saad Maan, revealed that, according to forensic medical reports, the death toll stands at 93, with 100 individuals sustaining injuries. Maan stressed that this toll remains subject to change as investigations continue.

Maj. Gen. Maan refuted any claims of criminal intent behind the incident, attributing it to a failure to adhere to safety protocols within the "Al-Haitham" hall and the use of fireworks that ultimately led to the catastrophe.

Minister of Interior Abdul Amir al-Shammari has issued orders to form an investigative committee in response. This committee, led by the Director of Nineveh Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, is tasked with diligently monitoring the developments related to Al-Hamdaniyah district incident.

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