Iraqi Intelligence seizes 31 ISIS rockets


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Intelligence seized 31 "Juhannam" ISIS-bound rockets in the south of al-Anbar.

A statement of the Directorate said, "the operation took place in cooperation with the Intelligence of al-Anbar Operations Command, the Intelligence of the 10th troupe, and the third regiment of the 39th infantry brigade."

"The rockets were detonated on the spot without casualties," the statement added.

The Military Intelligence raided and demolished three Madhava of ISIS terrorist organization in Rawa, western al-Anbar.

A statement of the apparatus received by Shafaq News Agency, "the Madhava's destroyed were used as a rest house for the terrorists entering the Iraqi territory from Syria and warehouses for weapons."

"The bomb squads of the seventh troupe in the Iraqi army demolished them," the statement added.

The operation was carried out in cooperation with Al-Jazeera operations command's intelligence, the seventh troupe's intelligence, a force from the third regiment, and the 8th infantry brigade.

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