Iraqi Army PMF carried out an operation against ISIS in Diyala


Shafaq News/ On Tuesday, the Iraqi Army and the Diyala Operations Command of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) launched a large-scale operation north of Miqdadiyah district in Diyala.

"Based on intelligence, a four-axis operation was carried out this morning to pursue the terrorists and secure the area." The commander of PMF's Diyala operations, Talib al-Mousawi, said.

The Miqdadiyah areas in Diyala have been a target of frequent attacks and security incidents that killed security forces, government officials, and civilians and displaced thousands of families.

Last March, the Department of Migration and Displacement in Diyala revealed that about 27 thousand families were driven from their hometowns due to Security and sectarian incidents between 2005 and 2014.

"There are more than 300 families that were displaced during the Miqdadiyah events and have not returned so far, in addition to more than 2,000 families who were displaced from northeast of Baqubah," the Department's director, Ibtihal Mohsen Al-Dayni, told Shafaq News Agency.

The displaced fled to other areas in Diyala, the Kurdistan Region, and displacement camps in Khanaqin.

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