Iraq's federal court adjourns a hearing to adjudicate on the constitutionality of Kurdistan's parliament self-extension


Shafaq News/ Iraq's supreme federal court has decided to adjourn a hearing to decide the constitutionality of the Kurdistan region's parliament decree to extend its mandate, a source revealed on Sunday.

Prior to this decision, Iraq's top court was set to hear today appeals challenging the legitimacy of the Kurdistan region parliament's decision. The appeals were filed by the parliament's main opposition bloc and former speaker.

Members of Kurdistan's legislative body in October voted by a majority to extend the current four-year term of the legislature by one year, in a session boycotted by opposition blocs deeming the proposed bill "illegal".

A parliamentary election was scheduled for October 1, but disagreements between the blocs over the current elections law and the incumbent electoral commission made it impossible to take place on this date.

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