Iraq's FM calls for extensive security talks with Iran

Iraq's FM calls for extensive security talks with Iran

Shafaq News/ Iraq's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fuad Hussein, on Wednesday called for "extensive talks" with Tehran over the issues related to the security of both countries.

Speaking in a joint press conference with his Iranian counterpart, Hussein Amir Abdullahian, Hussein said, "our doors are always open for dialogue with Iran on security issues and diplomatic solutions for those issues."

"The security of Iraq is linked to the security of the entire region," he continued, "we discussed the regional situation, and Iran's ties with the Gulf, Iranian-Saudi talks in particular."

"We hope that Iran and Saudi Arabia hold another round of talks... So far, the dialogue has been within the framework of security bodies," he added, "we hope the talks become public and diplomatic."

Abdollahian commended the Iraqi efforts to ease the tensions between Baghdad and Riyadh in Baghdad. "We reiterate the necessity and importance of dialogue between the countries of the region."

"The region has suffered a lot. We need a safe situation in Yemen and stability in Syria. We agree with the Iranian on helping the Syrians find stability in their country," Iraq's top diplomat said.

Abdullahian welcomed the truce the "Ceasefire in Yemen," calling for "lifting the siege and starting a Yemeni dialogue without foreign interference."

The Iranian minister called for "forming an expanded Afghan cabinet. We condemn the attacks on our diplomatic missions...Tehran's recognition of the Afghan government is contingent upon forming a comprehensive government that brings together political forces from the entire spectrum."

"We agree with Iran in this regard," Iraq's Foreign Minister said.

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