Iraq's Civil Defense: +10 thousand fires in the first five months of 2021


Shafaq News/ The General Directorate of Civil Defense in Iraq released on Sunday a report on fire incidents in the country, except for the Kurdistan Region, in the first five months of the current year.

The report said that the reported incidents in residential units, markets, and state departments amounted to 8,401, with 2,382 "garbage fires" out of the count.

The General Directorate said that 4,078,000,000 dinars worth of public and mixed assets were rescued from fire incidents, indicating the private sector assets saved from blazes are valued at 16,003,900,000 dinars.

The report attributed the fires to a spectrum of causes, including lax adherence to safety measures, power fluctuations between the sources (the private generators and the national grid), chaotic wiring in residential areas and markets.

"High weather temperature affects the reported incidents due to overburdening unqualified power sources that are poorly linked to the grid," the statement added.

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