Iraq receives $3.7 million worth of military equipment from the US-led Coalition


Shafaq News/ The US-led Coalition delivered, on Saturday, to the Peshmerga weapons and ammunition worth 3,784,751$.

A source in the Coalition told Shafaq News Agency that, The Peshmerga received from the International Coalition Forces the military equipment to use them in confronting ISIS.

He pointed out that the equipment are funded by "the Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund (CTEF)" which is a part of the United States' whole-of-government approach to support the lasting defeat of ISIS.

It’s noteworthy that the CTEF specifically supports the Department of Defense’s efforts to work by, with, and through' the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and the Vetted Syrian Opposition (VSO) to build key defeat-ISIS capabilities and promote the long term stability of the region by preventing the resurgence of ISIS.

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