Iraq launches a long-term project to secure potable water


shataq News/ Iraq plans to launch a project that will meet a major share of the country's need for potable water, the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources said on Thursday, indicating that the project will be complete by 2035.

In a statement issued earlier today, the Ministry said that it "coordinated with the Baghdad Water Department, the Baghdad Municipality, and the municipal departments in the governorates, in addition to the Ministry of Housing, Construction, Municipalities and Public Works, in order to develop the appropriate procedures for this strategy."

"The ministry has granted initial approvals for irrigation and purification projects in the governorates proportional to its population and actual needs, such as the Basra water pipe project, the Al-Bidaa Canal in Dhi Qar, and the Grand Samawa project."

"The strategy includes equipping all purification plants, removing sludge in the main river courses using specialized equipment, and cleaning the river stream from bushes and weeds."

"More than 2900 purification plants operate Iraq in order to produce potable and household water."

"The strategy stipulates cooperating with civil society organizations and media to carry out awareness campaigns on rationalizing consumption."

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