Iraq eases COVID-19 restrictions


Shafaq News / On Monday, the Supreme Health and Safety Committee took new decisions that ease the restrictions imposed to prevent Corona virus.

Shafaq News Agency publishes the decisions related to Coronavirus:

·        The launch of youth and sports activities and events in various fields (without an audience), starting on 9/12/2020, and the Ministry of Health issues the conditions that must be followed in these activities.

·        Approval of opening restaurants, halls, and tourist facilities of five-star hotels, and health precautions are followed.

·        Opening the land border crossings to trade (exclusively), seven days a week, to secure the needs of the local markets in accordance with the preventive health measures

·        The official working hours in all governmental institutions shall be 50%, taking into account the actual need.

Decisions were taken and approvals were announced on other matters

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