Iraq calls on Washington to reconsider the decision of closing its embassy in Baghdad


Shafaq News / Iraqi Minister of foreign affairs Fouad Hussein called on Wednesday for the US government to reconsider its decision to close its embassy in Baghdad.

This is the first official acknowledgment by the federal government after reports were received about Washington's intention to close its embassy in Iraq due to the increasing attacks by the armed Pro-Iranian factions.

Hussein said in a press conference held after a meeting that brought together ambassadors from 25 countries, in the presence of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, "the closure of the US embassy in Baghdad gives wrong signals to the extremists, as they will consider it as a victory for them. It will also give wrong signals to the Iraqi people that they will be isolated from the world".

He added, "We hope that the US administration will reconsider its decision".

Hussein pointed out that, "the Iraqi government is not relieved with the American decision to close its embassy in Baghdad nor withdrawing its forces from Iraq, as there are possibilities that this will lead to other withdrawals and affect the economic situation".

"We were frank during our visit to Iran that these operations would lead to chaos and a security and political disaster in Iraq and the region", Hussein added.

The minister noted that Iraq is communicating with many countries to convice the US of reconsidering its decision.

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