Iran expresses readiness to reconstruct Mosul


 Shafaq News/ The Iranian Consul General in Erbil Governorate, Nasrallah Rashnoudi expressed on Thursday his country's readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure in the city of Mosul, the local capital of Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq.

earlier this morning, the Consul visited the city of Mosul and met with the head of the local government of Nineveh, Najm al-Jubouri.

 Rashnodi said in a joint press conference held with the governor that "Mosul has been subjected to massive destruction…the destruction is much more than our capabilities."

 He added that Iran is ready to provide services, especially in reconstruction, noting that Iran has “capabilities and expertise in this field.”

 The Consul also indicated that Iran hopes to cooperate with Nineveh in the scientific, economic and  cultural fields, revealing that Iran is also seeking to set up an exhibition specialized in the field of reconstruction for Iranian companies in Mosul.

 For his part, Nineveh Governor said during the conference that the Iraqis from Basra to Zakho gave the most “precious blood of the youth to liberate Mosul.”

 Al-Jubouri confirmed that the authorities in Nineveh are working hard to rebuild Mosul. Still, the financial capabilities are limited, affirming that they are ready to cooperate with any party that wants to speed up the reconstruction and “erase the effects of the war.”

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