Investigations reveal a terrorist network in Al-Anbar


Shafaq News / The Intelligence and Counter-terrorism Directorate in Al-Anbar Governorate conducted on Wednesday incident verification on the deeds of a terrorist group that carried out multiple operations against unarmed citizens.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent in Al-Anbar stated the first verification took place in Street 40 at the center of Fallujah city, east of Ramadi district, the center of Al-Anbar governorate, while the second was near Jordan Intersection Bridge on the main street in the city. The security forces conducted the third verification in the village of Al-bu Aifan, southwest of Fallujah, among other failed operations.

Our correspondent, who attended the incident verification, stated that during the investigation with the terrorist group, the Director of Intelligence and Counter-terrorism in Al-Anbar Governorate, Brigadier-General Raid Fares, confirmed that the group had ties with the terrorist organization of ISIS, which financed them to carry out its terrorist operations.

He added that the interrogations revealed new information about other terrorist groups and a secret investigation was launched to uncover the location of the suspects, indicating that they will be arrested as soon as their involvement is confirmed.

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