International parties could be behind assassinating the Intelligence officers, Official says


Shafaq News/ A member of the security committee in the dissolved Baghdad Governorate Council, Saad al-Mutailibi, suggested today, Monday, that a third party may be behind the assassination of Iraqi Intelligence officers.

He told Shafaq News Agency, "If clan, social or personal disagreements prevent to consider the assassination of Intelligence Service officers a social cause, it means that there are parties within the Intelligence Service are working to dominate or struggle for implementing certain plans."

al-Mutailibi indicated that international intelligence agencies could be behind the assassinations of Iraqi officers, seeking “to eliminate a section within the Iraqi Intelligence Service."

He added that "it is a very concerning when officers of the most important security apparatus in Iraq are assassinated, and the perpetrators are not revealed," stressing that "this is the most dangerous matter that can happen."

Earlier today, An Iraqi intelligence officer was assassinated in the capital, Baghdad.

A security source told Shafaq News Agency that unidentified men shot dead a senior intelligence officer as he drove his car in Al-Baladiyat area.

The Colonel, Nibras Farman Al-Feili, is the Head of the Rusafa office in the Intelligence Service.

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