Independent deputies and parliamentary blocs to boycott today's parliamentary session


Shafaq News/ The Imtidad (EXTENSION) movement and independent deputies announced that they will boycott today's parliamentary session called by the Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halboosi, to vote on his resignation and elect the first deputy.

Imtidad explained that the decision comes after a year of "conflict" that resulted in a "paralyze in the political life, suspension of the work of the state institutions, delay in approving the 2022 budget, and not choosing the next president of the republic."

The Movement won nine seats in the October 2021 elections.

In addition, 11 independent deputies declared that they would not attend the session, blaming the political parties for continuing to adopt a "consensus and quotas approach."

On Monday, Iraq's parliament speaker Mohammad al-Halboosi submitted a letter of resignation and called in a vote to approve it and elect a first deputy speaker on Wednesday.

Sources told Shafaq News Agency that most Iraqi lawmakers would reject al-Halboosi's resignation, dismissing the move as fuel for the ongoing political crisis in Iraq.

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