Including Kurdistan, demonstrations in multiple Iraqi governorates


Shafaq News/ Dozens of demonstrators took the streets of al-Muthanna and Dhi Qar to demand jobs today, Saturday.

Shafaq News Agency correspondents said that the residents of al-Hilal and al-Mamlaha in al-Muthanna blocked the road leading to the cement plant in the area. The demonstrators demanded granting the residents the priority in job opportunities inside the governorate.

Our correspondent in Dhi Qar said that the governorate graduates transferred their sit-in to the gates of the local government headquarters after more than a year of fruitless protests near several government departments in the governorate.

In the same context, dozens of the communist party proponents in al-Sulaymaniyah organized a demonstration near the governorate headquarters demanding abolishing salary cuts and curbing market manipulation.

Othman Hama, a member of the Communist Party, said, "We demand the regional government to refrain from salary cuts," adding, "it is illegal, and it shall be entirely disbursed after bolstering the government incomes."

"The citizens are crushed under the burden of the poor economic situation. The government is in charge of finding the appropriate solutions."

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