Imtidad: we want the next ministers to be only Iraqis


Shafaq News/ Iraq's protest movement, Imtidad (Extension), said on Saturday that the conflict in Baghdad among the traditional blocs over the results of the recent elections is "a conflict for positions and not for the interest of the country and the service of the citizen."

Daoud Al-Aidan, a deputy of the Movement, told Shafaq News Agency, "we have no objection to the Sadrist movement, but we say to the party that will form the next government that your work is being watched and our eyes are looking for mistakes."

He continued, "One of our conditions for those who will form the next government is that the ministers be Iraqis only, and not dual nationality because we will strongly reject this matter and will not vote on it."

Despite campaigning with extremely limited finances, Imtidad secured nine of the 329 seats in the Iraqi Council of Representatives in the October 10 election, according to preliminary results.

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