Imtidad warns of parliamentary steps against the Sadrist deputy 


Shafaq News/ On Wednesday, the "Imtidad" Movement gave the representative of the Sadrist bloc, Suha Al-Sultani, 48 hours to apologize for the assault made by her bodyguards against the activist Durgham Majid.

The Movement said, "Some political parties and their militias continue their arrogance and bullying the simple Iraqi citizen, what happened to Dr. Dergham and the demonstrators yesterday is a blatant example of their tyranny and breaking the law."

 “Imtidad representatives  reject these methods, and call for holding those who assaulted Dr. Dergham accountable.”

The Movement gave the Sadrist deputy, “a period of no more than 48 hours, starting from now, to achieve these demands,” vowing that “in the event that they are not achieved, the movement, in cooperation with its allies from the parliamentary and political blocs and the independent representatives, will take parliamentary, political, and popular decisions and measures.”

 On Tuesday, the civil society activist, Durgham Majid, and some demonstrators visited the representatives of Babel Governorate to call them to join a large demonstration in the Governorate against the rise in food prices, when the protection personnel of Al-Sultani attacked them with batons and fired live bullets, which injured some of them.

However, Majed was taken to the hospital due to his serious condition.

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