Imtidad: open to all options for electing the new Iraqi President


Shafaq News/ On Thursday, the "Imtidad" Bloc said is "open" to discuss all possible options in Saturday's parliamentary session scheduled for choosing the President of the Republic.

In a brief statement, the Movement confirmed that their main goal is "the interests of our people."

Imtidad won nine seats in the last Parliamentary elections.

On Wednesday, the Parliamentary alliance "Saving the Homeland," which is consisted of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Sadrist bloc, and Al-Siyada Alliance, announced their nominees officially for the Iraqi Presidency and the Prime minister.

In a press conference, the head of the Sadrist bloc, Hassan al-Adhari, said, "our candidate for Presidency is Rebar Ahmed (the Current Minister of Interior in Kurdistan), and for the position of Prime Minister is Muhammad Jaafar Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (the current Iraqi Ambassador to London)."

Muqtada al-Sadr, considered announcing the candidates of the highest positions in Iraq by the tripartite Alliance as "a unique and important achievement."

The Head of the State of Law Coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, challenged the tripartite Alliance to collect the necessary number of deputies in the next election session scheduled for electing the Iraqi President.

"The other party (the tripartite alliance) can't collect 220 deputies in the presidential election session," Al-Maliki said in an interview.

According to Article 70 of the Iraqi Constitution, the President of the Republic should attain a two-thirds majority of the total number of deputies, which is also the needed quorum to open the session for election.

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