Imtidad: Al-Rikabi was relieved from his office, Five representatives withdrew from the Movement


Shafaq News/ Five members withdrew from the "Imtidad" movement, and a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan resigned from the Kurdish parliament.

Shafaq News Agency obtained a document in which five parliamentarians from the "Imtidad Movement" decided to secede due to the Movement's "violation of the principles of the Tishreen 2019 revolution."

The representatives are Muhammad Nouri, Daoud Al-Aidan, Nidaa Al-Kuraiti, Kazem Al-Fayyad, and Nissan Al-Zayer.

In February, 17 members of the Imtidad also withdrew from the Movement

The Imtidad Movement is one of the few activist-led parties headed by pharmacologist Alaa al-Rikabi. The General Secretariat of Imtidad exempted him today from his position as the Secretary-General of the Movement.

The Movement won nine seats in the October elections.

A source close to the Movement told Shafaq News Agency that this step came due to "the mistakes and confusions in the past period."

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