ISIS snipers target Iraqi forces in Diyala and Kirkuk Governorates


Shafaq News / security sources reported on Friday that two Iraqi soldiers were killed and another wounded with ISIS sniper rifles in Diyala and Kirkuk Governorates.

A security source in Diyala told Shafaq News Agency, that “ISIS elements attacked an army checkpoint in the village of Al-Khailania, north of Al-Miqdadiyah district with sniper rifles which killed a soldier.”

"The attackers fled to the orchards and areas near the village where ISIS snipers outposts are spread." He added.

It’s noteworthy that Al-Khailania village is inhabitant for more than 6 years because of ISIS hideouts on its outskirts, and it is constantly witnessing attacks targeting security forces.

The Miqdadiyah areas in Diyala have been a target to frequent attacks and security incidents which killed security forces, government officials and civilians and displaced thousands of families.

Meanwhile, A security source in Kirkuk said, on Friday, a soldier was killed and another was wounded by ISIS sniper in the village of Moura Ban Shakh.

The source added, "The attack targeted the 45th Iraqi Army Brigade late at night," noting that "ISIS carried out another attack today in the early morning in Wadi Al-Shay without causing any causalities.”

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