ISIS sleeper cells use security titles to commute and wage attacks in Diyala

ISIS sleeper cells use security titles to commute and wage attacks in Diyala

Shafaq News/ ISIS operatives have been using security titles to commute freely and orchestrate terrorist attacks in Diyala, a leading figure in al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces-PMF) revealed on Tuesday.

"More than 15 villages on the banks of the Diyala river house undercover cells," the PMF commander told Shafaq News Agency, "those cells form a network that infiltrates the local communities under different titles."

The commander, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that "the villages located between Sensil and Sherwin are unsecured and devoid of security presence. ISIS operatives move freely or under official titles to plot and execute terrorist attacks against the civilians and the PMF."

"All the attacks that target the outskirts of al-Miqdadiyah originate from the hotspots territory of northern al-Miqdadiyah," the commander continued, "some ISIS members have infiltrated some government departments and the tribal mobilization."

The commander said that some ISIS operatives currently work undercover as farmers, drivers, or wholesalers. "Some of whom might have infiltrated the tribal mobilization via political, partisan, or tribal facilities."

"ISIS can only wage occasional brazen nocturnal attacks," the source continued, "we shall adopt a new strategy to eradicate this cancer from the outskirts of al-Miqdadiyah and al-Mansouriyah."

Abu Muhannad al-Jubouri, a 58 years old farmer from the Sensil basin, said that persons with ties to the terrorist organization have returned to the villages without any security liability.

" Some of whom led the invasion of al-Miqdadiyah in 2014," he added.

"The security forces often launch security operation but has failed to capture any terrorists. Some locals fear they might get target signs on their back if they cooperate with the security authorities," the farmer continued.

A security source revealed that ISIS operatives in the Sherwin basin burnt a rock quarry into ashes because the owner refused to pay ISIS members royalties.

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